Gael Wheeler, D.O.

Integrative Osteopathic Medicine

A Real World Approach to Optimal Wellness and Vitality

I want my patients to thrive, easily meeting the challenges and finding the joy in their lives every day.

My goal is to provide real world, personalized guidance to men and women as they journey toward their best health and their best lives.

You need someone to listen and see the whole picture.

Someone who stays current on the latest cutting edge research.

Someone with a long history of guiding patients toward their best health.

You want safe, individualized, appropriate therapeutic options.

You are motivated to make changes in your life to nurture your innate ability to be healthy at any age.

My Commitment to Quality Care

Quality care is personalized care. Every visit, every therapeutic recommendation is based on an in-depth discovery of what makes you uniquely you.

Quality care acknowledges the interconnectedness between systems: the mind, every cell and organ system in the body and the environment. This is what is meant by treating the whole person.

Quality care is science based. I work to stay current on the latest research and the best therapeutic options.

Quality care focuses on your capacity to heal and self regulate. Good health is not just the absence of disease, it is the presence of vitality.

The choices we make about our bodies and our health are deeply personal. I respect this and will work with you to find the best options available for your unique needs. I emphasize culturally competent, size inclusive and LGBTQ friendly care.


“Dr. Gael approaches patient care with thoroughness, kindness and dignity. I have told her things I have never told anyone, things I never imagined might impact my current picture of health. Through her nonjudgmental manner, she has shown me how all aspects of my life, current and past come together to create who I am. She also shows me what I can do to guide myself toward a better future. I truly appreciate Dr. Gael‘s empowering approach.”


“I cannot imagine having a better advocate for my health and well-being. Dr. Gael determines the testing I need with the skill of a private investigator and evaluate the results with me explaining the relevance to my situation. She makes learning about and improving my health interesting and fun!”


“My Mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor and some style.”

– Maya Angelou

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