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My philosophy of therapeutic supplementation is quality, simplicity and a targeted approach. Quality, because it’s important that a supplement will have its intended effect; there are a lot of supplements out there that are a waste of money. Simplicity, because we want protocols that are realistic to follow. Targeted, because we are all unique and so are our needs. I recommend purchasing products from a reputable source, as there are those who are masquerading inferior products by relabeling and selling them as quality ones. I’ve collected a few of my favorite trusted companies below and have been able to arrange some discounts for my patients.


Xymogen is one of my long time favorites because I know my patients are getting a quality product. Additionally, many of their products go beyond single ingredients, making it easier to simplify protocols for an individual patient. They are careful how their products are sold, so as not to risk diluting quality and reputation. To order from Xymogen at a discount off retail, you must be a patient. Go to and hit the Order at Wholescripts button. Scroll down to the Login at Wholescripts button. If this is your first order, hit ‘don’t have an account?’. This will take you to an account setup page. Use ‘Wheeler’ for practitioner name (this will give you your discount) and ‘grace’ for the referral code. Establish your account and you can order online directly from Xymogen.

Emerson Ecologics

Emerson Ecologics carries many quality brands at reasonable prices. To order at a discount, click here and establish your account.

Berkeley Life Professional

Berkeley Life Professional Nitric Oxide Support and testing strips is an excellent product that must only be used with physician support. To order, call 844-517-1327 and let them know you’re working with Doctor Gael.

Myos Rens Technology

Myos Rens Technology Physician Muscle Formula with Fortetropin. Contact Doctor Gael to order at a discount.

Alive by Nature

Alive by Nature carries supplements incorporating the latest technologies in age management, including liposomal Fisetin. In addition, they have skin care products with NAD+, Apocynin and Resveratrol in a liposomal form for the best in free radical protection.

Click this link for a 10% discount!


Use this payment button to pay for labs if you are self pay. You can also use this button to pay for Myo Rens Technology supplement, but be sure to email Doctor Gael regarding quantity and shipping address. Be sure to indicate in the note what you are paying for.

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